What She’s Worth

This morning, I was talking to a girl who was a lot like me. And I said a lot of good things--things that I myself needed to hear.


Unplug earphones, hear whispers of love

From my hometown, Silang, which is just a 30-minute drive to the highlands of Tagaytay, I decide to ride a jeepney and unplug the earphones that I had been wearing from Manila.

I once dated a vampire.

What's your image of a vampire? I suppose we have different images of vampires, depending on which movies we've watched or books we've read. Twilight? Classic Dracula? Modern Dracula? I've once dated a vampire. Okay, his image was more like the Edward Cullen type. Romantic, masculine, cheesy. I say he was like a vampire because … Continue reading I once dated a vampire.