Deeper Discoveries, Best(?) of Hong Kong

[DAY 2] Gooood morning! Despite sleeping late after Day 1, I got up the next day at 6 AM ahead of my friend who was still sleeping soundly. I fought my grogginess, washed my face and grabbed my jacket. I walked out to a quiet, dusky street, a speck of moon above me. The sun hadn't … Continue reading Deeper Discoveries, Best(?) of Hong Kong


Discovering and Loving Hong Kong

[DAY 1] Finally. After 5 years, I finally obtained a second stamp on my Philippine passport. Last February 16, I boarded a plane bound to the original and a big contender of Singapore in being the Asia's World City. Incidentally, the first country I ever went to was Singapore. But I won't be going on … Continue reading Discovering and Loving Hong Kong