Noah was still a little puppy

1 Christie was a small girl--a modest 5-footer who had deceivingly slender legs that people thought she was taller. As she turned into a "real lady" at 18, she received the two best gifts: a puppy and her ticket to her very first date. She was excited for her own puppy, but she was even … Continue reading Noah was still a little puppy


What’s more certain than the love of a dog?

She had left it without farewell, without assurance of when she'd be coming back or if she'd be back for it at all--but it had always loved her. It had always waited for her. Noah, a stout beagle, still gave her the same kind of cheek-licking and hip-waggling affection whenever she returned. Noah didn't easily … Continue reading What’s more certain than the love of a dog?

The Door and Out

It is plainly painted with cream. Its bristled roughness and sharp edges show an appearance of toughness yet its slenderness gives away its vulnerability. The surface, lined with vertical bristles, is like a vast highway with heavy traffic of parallel vehicles. The handle, like a stout and narrow bronze goblet, is cold to the touch. … Continue reading The Door and Out