Baguio City: The Best Visit Yet

One trip is enough to make you fall in love with a place. But then I thought, once isn’t enough for a more intimate acquaintance. A part two, at least, is much needed. It was the surge of typhoon Haiyan (a.k.a. Yolanda) in the Visayas region and its strong winds and showers could be felt … Continue reading Baguio City: The Best Visit Yet


At Twenties: On Travelling

Travelling feels good. Even better when you’re the master of your own travel. The steward. The wanderer. The discoverer. The fun goes a long way from anticipating, researching and planning to getting lost, finding and discovering. The excitement starts when you browse through websites, blogs and photos. Lists of tourist attractions, landmarks, hotels, bars and … Continue reading At Twenties: On Travelling