Elbi: Food, Coffee and Nostalgic Walks

The place that served as a true home during the days I was struggling with college and independence.


Discovering and Loving Hong Kong

[DAY 1] Finally. After 5 years, I finally obtained a second stamp on my Philippine passport. Last February 16, I boarded a plane bound to the original and a big contender of Singapore in being the Asia's World City. Incidentally, the first country I ever went to was Singapore. But I won't be going on … Continue reading Discovering and Loving Hong Kong

Mt. Pulag for First-Timers: Budget Guide & Tips

I am not a pro. Pulag was only my third time to trek. But I have learned a lot, which I am taking note here just in case some first-timers come across this entry. Like I have shared in my previous entry, Mt. Pulag is intense for the heart and body. It is important to … Continue reading Mt. Pulag for First-Timers: Budget Guide & Tips

Intensity Lvl 999: Trek to Mt. Pulag

My Mt. Pulag experience was intense. Intense for my poor legs and intense for my heart, literally and figuratively. My favorite and the funniest part was the blowback of my underestimating the climate and the trails of Mt. Pulag. Baby it's cold outside ♪ ♫ I knew the temperature in Pulag could hit below zero. I knew … Continue reading Intensity Lvl 999: Trek to Mt. Pulag