I continue chasing my soul.

I have since scrapped the idea of soul searching because, I have come to realize, my soul is never really lost. It is simply yearning. My soul desires to be out there, to be everywhere, to be in places where it can wander and be free. Above everything, it seeks to be free. It is … Continue reading I continue chasing my soul.


I’m officially a K-pop fan (uh-oh!)

I used to be one of those people who cringed at "fangirls." I would despise those noisy girls with their high-pitched screams whenever they get thrilled seeing or talking about their K-pop idols. It just seemed so crazy and exaggerated. And then there were—and still are—the fan wars. It was crazy, unbelievable, to see people … Continue reading I’m officially a K-pop fan (uh-oh!)