Jeju Daybook by Rei – A Photobook Project

Printed books and handwritten journals will always be my ultimate bias.

I imagine— when all of the internet goes offline and there’s no way for the future civilization to find digital traces of the bygone world… They will find my photo book, captioned very emotionally and overdramatically, lol!

For the first time, they will learn of Jeju, a land of idyllic beauty they’d never heard or seen before.

Where the ocean is a remote shade of blue, and the ground is soil and sand never felt beneath a foot.

Where the landscape is a surreal palette of so many colors.

Then, they will seek this promised land like people now seek Atlantis.

They will look for ajumma or ajussi who’s repeatedly mentioned in the book, not knowing they refer to not one but different people who led modest lives.

But of course— unlike Atlantis, Jeju will not sink. It will not be lost. It will always be there in all its glory for all future generations to find.

Perhaps, when they find Jeju, they will find me there too.



This is a photobook project I made for my first anniversary of falling in love with Jeju. It’s been a year since I went there (October 2019), and I still feel the same way toward Jeju. It’s not just some post-holiday blues anymore. It’s a special attachment. I’ve truly fallen in love with a place.

Photobook project details

Photos: Mine – Canon EOS M3 and iPhone 6
Layout: Mine – combination of Photoshop and Canva
Words: Mine
Printing service: Fotogra Books (Philippines)
Specifications: 5 x 5 in. | 100 pages
Total Cost: 1,600 PHP

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