My Favorite Food at Jeju Dongmun Traditional Market (Yet)

It’s not like I tried a lot of food at Jeju Dongmun Market—in fact, this is the only stall I ate at in the market! But I got attracted here—and even went for a second visit—for reasons I’ll share here.

Jeju Dongmun Traditional Market is a huge place to explore. It houses a plethora of stalls and products in a labyrinthian layout—from dry goods, fresh produce, and lots of live seafood to quick meals, snacks, souvenirs, and general merchandise. There are many access points or gates, and for the directionally challenged it can be really easy to lose your way. If you took note of a stall you’d want to check out later, good luck finding it again!

When I first stumbled upon this stall, engulfed in steam from the dumplings cooking, it immediately caught my attention. But I thought it would be good to find other interesting stores, so I passed by it. I didn’t find any others that stood out to me, so I strayed on various alleys for several minutes before I found the stall again. (But now, I definitely know how to find it next time!)

I don’t really know the name of the stall. The large tarpaulin banner over it only says “Delicious~~~ Octopus ramyeon, octopus ramyeon” in big characters (맛있어요~~~ 문어 람연 문어 람연). It couldn’t be the actual store’s name, could it?

There were many kinds of snacks laid in front of her shop. I remember boldly asking in Korean what they were, and she talked quite fast that I processed nothing. Well, I doubt I would understand anything even if she spoke slowly… (I only understand one Korean word per minute, LOL.)

Anyway, she opened the dumpling steamer in front of me and I got a complimentary steam facial. The dumplings were so pretty. So, despite that very imposing banner message, I went for the mandu because the steam was just appetizing. And I love mandu!

You can get 10 pieces of mandu for 5,000 KRW (5 USD). I got five each of the two flavors: kimchi and regular meat mandu. There was already a bunch of cooked mandu set aside, but she collected ones that were still in the steamer. So when she served them to me, they were still oozing with steam. She was so sweet.

Kimchi and meat mandu! 5,000 KRW

Her mandu were delicious and plump! The wrap easily gets dry and a little sticky, but the juice oozes once you take a bite. I love both flavors, but my personal favorite is the kimchi one.

Also, I love her little dining space. The lighting was so warm and with the red chairs, it somewhat gave off a cozy grotto vibe to me. It was very nice.

I have to admit, I’m a really clingy and sentimental creature. Because she was so sweet to me the first time and of course because her mandu was so delicious, I went a second time to her stall right before my flight home. Just to eat her mandu again. Yeah, I know, I could’ve tried the octopus ramyeon this time, right? I’m so boring! But come on, her dumplings are also really delicious.

This time, I tried the fried version. They are also yummy, quite savory with a light crunch. And they go well with the sweet and spicy soy sauce mixture. But if I had to choose, the steamed ones are still my ultimate favorite.

I promise I’ll definitely go for the octopus ramyeon next time—with mandu on the side!


How to find this “delicious octopus ramyeon” stall:

You can get here via Jeju Dongmun Market Gate 2 on Dongmun-ro. It’s right next to the bigger Gate 3. The nearest bus stop is Dongmun Rotary. You can also search for Donggwang Store on Naver Map; it’s right in front of the octopus ramyeon stall.

I’ve also pinned its actual location on Google Maps below:

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Food at Jeju Dongmun Traditional Market (Yet)

  1. Hello! Moving on 2 years later from your post… I
    just came to Jeju a few days ago and I planned to go
    to Dongmun shijang for my lunch since he is working today. I was thinking of what i should eat when i saw your post so I decided to give it a try. I was tempted by the octopus ramyeon but since it is a very hot day I chose to have the same pork and kimchi mandus.
    They were really good so thank you for the information!

    1. Heeey, wow that’s amazing! I’m glad my little blog was able to help someone! And glad you enjoyed my recommendation! How long are you in Jeju? How are you enjoying it? I’ll actually be back in Jeju soon!!

  2. Hello Rei 🙂 ! I will be in Jeju until 20th July. I’d be here for 1 month.

    Sometimes when we have an article or blog online we would never know who may see it and be inspired or helped by it’s contents so that’s the beauty of blogging!

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