Where to Eat in Seogwipo: Soldongsan Meat Noodles [솔동산 고기국수]

There are probably a lot of better restaurants at the forepart of the food street, but this one is still a pretty nice find off the beaten path. Soldongsan Gogi Guksu (Soldongsan Meat Noodles) is located at the northwestern end of Chilsimni Food Street. (I’m not even really sure if it’s still part of Chilsimni.) It sits on a quiet and unfrequented part of the street.

Although all of the menu of Soldongsan was pork except for one, I still went for the seafood noodle. The bowl was filled with millions of mussels with no noodle in sight that I thought I read and ordered the wrong dish. I checked again, and it definitely said seafood noodle.

Actually, the noodles were underneath! There was some crab too. They were delicious but it was hard labor to finish all of the mussels. The bucket overflowed with the empty shells already, but there were still more.

My head was starting to ache and I felt dizzy already, so even if the serving ajumma was nice to demonstrate how to eat the mussels (because I don’t know, is it written in my face that I’m a seafood noob?)—I left a bundle of untouched mussels because I was dying. However, the soup was good and light except for the heavy lingering scent of the mussels. If you’re crazy about seafood, this dish is definitely a huge treat!

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