Coffee in Seogwipo: Haru B Coffee at Chilsimni Food Street [하루비커피]

The tourism street-signboard of Chilsimni Food Street near the port only lists restaurants where you can get a full meal, but there are definitely more to find on this long stretch of road such as coffee shops like Haru B Coffee. Along the section of the food street that faces the ocean, there are definitely a few other coffee shops, but Haru B easily stands out. It stands three stories tall, each floor offering a nice space to look out onto the ocean while enjoying a cup of coffee and some desserts.

On the first floor are the main café and counter and a few tables next to tall windows.

On the upper floors, whichever table you choose affords you a view of the outside. Of course, the tables on the balcony and the top deck have the most unobstructed views, especially the latter. The indoor space on the second floor is cozy with some faux plants and warm hanging light fixtures.

The balcony area of the second floor offers pretty good privacy, so I took a table there in the corner. The breeze was nice and cool, and right up ahead your view is composed of a wide patch of green, a boundless spread of sapphire, and some cute little hills and islands. You can’t help but be amazed at how accessible nature is in Jeju. You just sit at a café, and there it is.

Although I settled on the second-floor balcony, I’d say the top floor definitely is the cherry on top. It emulates the view with its design of artificial turf and little faux trees, which helps immerse you in the vista. Aside from tables and chairs, there are also bean bags here for the ultimate lounging!

As for my order, I got a Dutch latte designed with a big-nosed gentleman latte art.

It me.

Check out Haru B Coffee on Instagram!

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