Anthracite Coffee Jeju (Plus Things to Do in Hallim-eup)

I was on a coffee spree right on my first day in Jeju. After Bomnal Cafe, I decided to find another coffee place before calling it a day. I took a 30-minute scenic bus ride westward to Anthracite Coffee.

Anthracite is not an exclusively local Jeju cafe. It was born in Seoul, where it currently has five branches. Its first, and perhaps most famous branch is in Hapjeong, Seoul. Its stores are adapted to each place, but it’s notable that industrial elements are a unifying feature.

Anthracite Coffee feature wall made with metal and electrical scrap

The Jeju-adapted concept of the cafe is interesting. Anthracite Coffee is located in Hallim-eup, a place which I’m not sure if deliberately chosen because it kind of suits the place. The cafe is in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by some factory-looking buildings and warehouses and port facilities. It is close to the bay but the cafe itself doesn’t offer much in terms of views.

Looking from outside, the coffee house looks like an old warehouse. The stone structure of the cafe is a nod to traditional Jeju architecture, meanwhile incorporating industrial steel and iron features as seen in the exposed ceilings, vintage machinery (not sure if they’re for coffee), and steel-framed wood tables and chairs.

There’s also bench-style seating outside, which I preferred so that’s where I settled.

Despite the chilly, windy weather outside, I ordered iced mocha. It was not extraordinary, but it was okay. I don’t enjoy mocha that’s too bitter, and mine was just right—not too bitter and not too sweet either.

It was very windy outside, but I enjoyed the solitude. Outside the cafe, there are some other ruins surrounded by plants and vines, which serve as a pictorial spot for visitors.

By itself, I wouldn’t say Anthracite is a destination. There’s not much else to see in the area, but it’s still a pretty cafe to visit if you have time or want to be really away. The area is very residential and quiet, and you could hum a good song without getting embarrassed because the roads are almost empty.

If you want to make the most out of your trip to the area, it would be nice to walk around along the coast just to enjoy the atmosphere. You could combine the trip to Anthracite with a meal at one of the few local restaurants in the area.

And then, go shopping—I found an interesting boho fashion store along Hanlimseo-gil, near the Hanlim Girls’ Middle School bus stop. The shop has everything you need for the perfect Coachella outfit! Flowing dresses, sweaters and cardigans in tribal prints, colorful straw and string sandals, string and wooden accessories, bags and more. There are also a lot of dream catchers. The name of the shop is Juseomjuseom [주섬주섬] (Hyeopjae Juseomjuseom Props Shop on Naver Map).

I think that small businesses like theirs deserve support, especially with the awesome products they have. Check out their products on Instagram!

These places are within walking distance of one another. If you have a car or still have time to hop on a bus, you could also go to Hallim Park (about 15 minutes away). It’s a vast park encompassing gardens and various themed attractions that are all centered on nature and culture.

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