Bomnal Cafe in Aewol, Jeju [봄날 카페]

I did not see a lot of interior photos of Bomnal Cafe, so I expected it to be a simple indie cafe, judged from the usual representative photo of the cafe’s walk-up order window.

The usual photo that represents Bomnal Cafe.

But once I got there, my image of Bomnal Cafe expanded into a bigger, more colorful and hippie place.

This is the entirety of Bomnal Cafe as seen from the outside.

It’s tempting to go inside right away, but customers are required to order and pay for a drink before they can go inside. You can check the drink menu from the walk-up window, and then when you get inside, you can order more food items from the inside counter.

As a start, once you step inside, if you’re like me, you’ll first and foremost notice the little doggie daycare where three (what I counted) adorable corgis are sticking out their heads and tongue to greet you.

A beautiful home for the corgis of Bomnal Cafe!
The professional door greeter taking a break.

I am not that big on Korean romantic dramas, but I heard that Bomnal Cafe was the shooting location of Warm and Cozy. However, instead of Bomnal, the cafe was named Maendorong Ttottot, which is also the title of the drama in Korean.

A photo opp corner for Warm and Cozy fans.

The corridor itself is a colorful exhibition with a lot of Instagrammable corners. The corridor is dividing the main cafe/dining area to the left (side of the ocean) and the souvenir shop and corgi home on the other side. The souvenir shop has Bomnal mugs, coffee beans, postcards, and other cute artsy-craftsy souvenirs.

Colorful corridor.
Every corner is Instagram-worthy!
How a solo goer can take her own photo. Lol.
Entrance to the main cafe.

At the end of the corridor, you will find an open area with tables, so you can get a more open view of the sea. And then, up ahead, you can also find G Dragon’s Monsant Cafe.

If you’re a fan of G Dragon, you can easily spot Monsant Cafe in the photo.

It was a hot afternoon, and the outdoor area was already quite crowded so I settled inside. Inside, the windows are huge, so you can still get a nice view of the ocean while being comfortable in the air-conditioned indoors.

The inside of the cafe is spacious. This is just half of it.

Inside, you can order some pastries or snacks to go with your coffee. They don’t really offer meals. The menu is pretty simple, with coffee as the highlight.

What I got is their Vanilla Latte. It’s good coffee in cute packaging whose mascot you can actually see in the fur.

You can’t really tell by looking at the cup, but this is Iced Vanilla Latte.

I did not go to Monsant because it’s too sophisticated for my taste, lol. It’s too sophisticated that it’s too plain in my view. The tall and wide windows that overlook and reflect the ocean are really nice, though. But I don’t think I can enjoy it with such a huge and bustling cafe crowd.

When I go back to Aewol or Handam Beach, I would definitely go to Bomnal again.

The address of Bomnal Cafe is 25 Aewol-ro 1-gil, Jeju-si. You can find it easily once you get to Handam Beach. It is also probably the most colorful cafe in the area so it’s difficult to miss it!

PS. “Bomnal” translates to spring (bom) and day (nal). It’s always Spring Day at this cafe!

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