BICOL Summer Spree: DAY 1 – Donsol, Sorsogon

It was a fun jeepney ride with the townsfolk—women with large bayongs, parents with children on their lap, men hanging on outside the back. There were vendors, too, from whom we bought local sweet treats as snack during the long ride to Donsol beach.



We’d made a reservation in advance to make sure we didn’t run out of affordable rooms. We took a very! reasonable ₱1,500 room at Woodland Beach Resort. It was big and cozy enough for the two of us. We enjoyed the upstairs room with the scenic view of the beach outside the huge glass panel.

Outside closer to the beach are the bar and the pool which we really enjoyed. We had a sumptuous lunch with the gust of warm salty air from the ocean and the striking noon sun. At night—a relaxing seat at the bar with a glass of cocktail while listening to the mellow bar music and faint ocean waves. After dinner, we went out to the shore and literally watched the galaxy gleam above us. I was lost with the countless stars. After a long moment of snug silence, we headed back to the pool and had a swim. I actually like swimming at the pool better than the beach. I’m too anxious about jellyfish and sea urchins.

Woodland bar

The following day, we got up early to catch the sun come awake in the horizon. You know how beautiful sunrise is at the beach. Then, we were there at the shore, looking up, searching, but found no sun. Just the colors of the breaking dawn. We realized we were at the wrong side of the world, and the east was blocked by tall trees near and far. Nonetheless, it was still nice to wake up this early to catch the daybreak and the morning breeze.

I looked in the distance, into the sea, filled with anticipation for something hiding deep under. Read about it here.

Anticipating something BIG
Anticipating something BIG

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