BICOL Summer Spree: Starting Point

May 18, 2014. Sunday night. We assertively headed to the Turbina bus terminal in Calamba, Laguna. We were cool about it until we saw the queue of sitting and standing people at the terminal. No more tickets at the first bus station. We went to another. And another. We were starting to feel anxious about having to postpone our most anticipated trip of the summer. Even a day of postponement was unacceptable. Our mistake that we had been so confident about not reserving a ticket. We hadn’t expected this rush of commuters to Bicol. We did not crumble easily and pushed our luck in another station. We fortunately got two vacant seats in a bus to Naga City. We were going to Sorsogon which would still be 2-3 hours away, but we took the bus anyway.

Travel by bus to Naga City is about eight hours while it’s only less than an hour by plane. But we still prefer the bus because it’s relatively cheaper, and I love long commutes. I and my companion both love long commutes. I especially love it because I’m with him. Long commutes don’t really matter when you’re with a special person. It can be the most comfortable thing because we can lie close to each other. I can fall onto his shoulders and our sleepy heads can bump into each other without having to be conscious about it.

The night of our departure, we did not sleep right away, but we watched the bright and yellow-orange moon following us. We watched the street and the houses that quickly passed by. We snuggled beside each other while making up scary stories until we fell asleep.

Ah, the country.
Ah, the country.

We woke up to the sunrise and a refreshing view of unfamiliar landscape outside the window. Then, we knew we were in the province. Lots of small wooden houses and green terrain passed our eyes, and we watched zealously. We were finally in Camarines Sur.

We got off in Naga City under the tickling heat of the summer morning sun. Later in our expedition we would explore this city as well, but first in our itinerary was Donsol, Sorsogon. So, we found the van terminal, rode through the countryside and sought the beach.

Read about DAY 1 here.

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