The Best Benefit of Morning Jogs

Photo by K_Engel

Isn’t it nice to watch someone you love while he sleeps? Same goes for the world. There’s a comforting cheer to see the world before everything in it wakes up. To see it even before the sun sets the spotlight on it. To see the dim glow from the street lamps dominate the streets before the sun takes over and to watch them blink when you pass by. To hear nothing but your footsteps on the road, complemented by occasional tweet-tweets and chirp-chirps, no cranky broom-brooms from grumpy smoke belchers. To inhale the fresh breath of trees and grass.

So, even if it’s a pain to wake up early, I get up and go out. I jog before the first ray of the sun escapes the eastern horizon. I wake up ahead of most people to watch the sleeping world even for just a couple of minutes before it wakes. Because it’s beautiful.

This is more like an emotional benefit.

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