SEOUL: A Coffee Lover’s Paradise

When the world was cooking and rotating and God was about to sprinkle coffee, Seoul was right at his face.


I’m officially a K-pop fan (uh-oh!)

I used to be one of those people who cringed at "fangirls." I would despise those noisy girls with their high-pitched screams whenever they get thrilled seeing or talking about their K-pop idols. It just seemed so crazy and exaggerated. And then there were—and still are—the fan wars. It was crazy, unbelievable, to see people … Continue reading I’m officially a K-pop fan (uh-oh!)

Exploring Local Markets in Seoul

For food and shopping, I like to veer away from shopping malls and fancy restaurants. That's why, in Seoul, I did a lot of walking around streets and local markets. There is so much to find in local markets, but it's not as convenient and systematic as those in commercial hubs, so you get a … Continue reading Exploring Local Markets in Seoul

Dark Side of Seoul: Not-your-ordinary city tour (A MUST!)

It was a good, cool Saturday night in September. The weather was comfortable enough to wear thin clothes, for others shorts and sleeveless tops, depending on one's weather tolerance. I was wearing a long sleeve top and a sort of palazzo pants. At 8 pm, Anguk was hushed and uncrowded, a few wayfarers here and … Continue reading Dark Side of Seoul: Not-your-ordinary city tour (A MUST!)